advantages of going with patent agent or attorney

advantages of going with patent agent or attorney

advantages of going with patent agent or attorney

  1. 1. Patent agent and attorney would know how to write patent application and claims to have the broadest possible protection for your invention such that your competitors should not be able to copy your invention or just walk around your invention by changing some things and not infringing on your patent.
  2. 2. Writing a patent application itself has extensive laws, rules and procedures applicable, and number of things to consider, you would be surprised to know, there are rules related to margins of the page, rules for writing the title, abstract, claims, diagrams, detailed description, enabling etc…
  3. 3. The entire process of inception of idea to granted patent and beyond becomes a smooth experience for you when you have experienced patent agent / attorney guiding you at every stage…
    you don't need to worry what kind of forms to use or fees to be paid, what kind of notice is there or what do you mean by objections raised, how to respond to objections etc…

all these kind of things are already taken care by patent agent or attorney and not to forget the importance of dates and subsequent steps you should be considering for entire procedure.

so patent attorney takes care of reminding you for every date and appropriate steps to be taken with right information.

So, these 3 things makes this investment in going for patent agent or attorney look pretty small if you are considering in the longer term that is the life of your invention and if at all you win the patent get 20 years from the filing date that you are going to enjoy monopoly on it.

ultimately I think it all depends on level of seriousness that you have with your invention if you are casual you can just try it out just submit whatever you think is appropriate and let see what happens with the response from patent office but if you are serious with your invention and don't want to lose its entire Novelty or don't want to lose upon the opportunity to take it to the next level then you should consider hiring a patent agent or attorney. It is well worth the investment.

On the other hand you can try writing and filing patent application on your own but as explained above it is almost impossible to match the level of well drafted patent application by an expert patent professional, and more often than not you will end up losing on the opportunity to protect your invention adequately and making significant money with it.

that's why patent agents and patent attorneys are there to help and they improve your chances to getting patent granted for your invention.

The responsibilities of patent agent / attorney

  • Representing clients in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice
  • Preparing application for patent
  • Providing advice during patent application process
  • Helps in drafting strong claims for your invention to be able to protect it in fullest possible extent
  • prosecuting patent applications 

By executing power of attorney, you (inventor) can appoint a patent attorney or agent to represent you for patent proceedings at Indian patent office.


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