How to get patent in multiple countries? A PCT patent application

How to get patent in multiple countries? A PCT patent application


Patents are territorial !!! Hence you will have to get patent in each country to be able to protect your invention there. Imagine the efforts and costs involved in getting your invention patented in each country

  • different patent process

  • translation costs

  • patent writing costs in different languages

  • different fees for filing patent application in each country

  • different office actions

  • Attorney fees, etc..

What if there is a facility where at least some of the steps (if not all of the steps) in getting patent for invention in multiple countries would happen only once (which would be acceptable to all countries of interest…)

There is an answer to this… A PCT application for patent in multiple countries.


What is PCT application? How can it help in getting my invention patented in multiple countries?

The PCT (Patent cooperation treaty) adheres about 130 countries. This treaty is result of an effort by many countries to provide some streamlining of patent applications across several countries at once.   which allows following benefits:

  • By filing a PCT application, the applicant can postpone for 30 months (rather than 12 months under the Paris Convention) the decision in many countries about whether or to spend the money for foreign patent filings.

  • The PCT process is helpful to those who don't have enough money to file in several countries, but who expect to have enough money at a later time.

Any person who is resident of a PCT member country can file a single PCT application which can effectively has ability to proceed with all PCT member countries (in the national phase).

The initial stages with patent application like

  • Patentability search

  • First Examination report

can be done at designated country which can be selected by patent applicant. This helps in saving lot of time, effort and costs for inventor / applicant of the patent: as the application of patent, request for examination, examination of patent and report of examination happens at single country (designated country) and has its effect on all member countries in PCT, when the patent application enter into national phase at each country.