Patent Attorney Worldwide for patent inquiries and leads each month on profit sharing model

Patent Attorney Worldwide for patent inquiries and leads each month on profit sharing model

if I have to explain this in less than 30 seconds...

Patent attorney worldwide is a platform which has a lot of information knowledge base in the form of videos, expert articles, How to guidelines, PPT and Pdfs about patent in US and we receive a lot of inquiries and leads about patent filing, drafting, patentability, invalidity from different cities and parts of US.


We have tie-ups with “One” patent attorney firm in “one” city to whom we share all these incoming inquiries, leads and calls about patents, trademarks and copyrights. And we work on conversion based model or profit sharing model. Wherein,

We will get paid only when you get paid from our leads and inquiries each month.

Which means;  You would not pay us a single dollar if you did not convert any projects in particular month.

You pay us only when you make money from leads and inquiries we share each month

This is not for everyone:

We are very particular about working with “one patent attorney” in “one city” for obvious reasons that if we share incoming leads and inquiries with multiple firms… it annoys inventors and creates a bad impression of our firm.

As you can see this is such a win-win offer and nothing to lose kind of tie up that 8 out 10 attorneys says yes to this… !!!

But we need to be very specific about selecting that single patent attorney firm that we work with in one city…

Preferably patent attorney firm should be having: 

  • A good reputation and ability to take projects from various domains like chemical, mechanical, electrical, software eCommerce etc…
  • You should have bandwidth and structure to accommodate number of new lead and projects each month
  • And your conversion rate should be good and consistent!!! 

As this entire business model depends on how well you convert incoming inquiries and leads that we are sharing with you each month.

Actually, we call top 3-4 patent attorney firms from a city. And based on discussion with decision makers select the “one firm” to have this win-win tie-up with…

Sounds Interesting ? 

if you are you thinking that your firm has all required qualities and may be this tie-up could be a good way to increase revenue for your business? and there is nothing to loose, you pay only on successful conversions...

then lets discuss it and find out if there is any fit between us.

Prasad Karhad

Prasad Karhad

Registered Patent Agent India at Link to profile
Registered Patent Agent India (IN/PA 2352), Working from 10+ years in Patents field. Bachelors degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering.

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