How to save costs when working with an experienced patent attorney?

How to save costs when working with an experienced patent attorney?


You can certainly lower the costs for working with experienced patent attorney in the process of getting patent for your invention and most patent attorney would love to help in doing so provided you are ready to put in efforts required. You can save costs with patent attorneys in following ways:

Understanding entire patent process and being systematic about it

This helps in saving costs a great deal, understanding what is expected at what stage in patenting your invention gives you clarity and you are better prepared with the information ahead of time. This saves most redundant communications like exchange of email, phone calls and visits and hence saves a lot of time and money.

Writing detailed and complete invention disclosure:

If you understand what is expected out of a good invention disclosure from an inventor and you take efforts to make you invention disclosure as detailed and complete as possible, this saves a lot of time of a patent attorney who is working on your patent application and ultimately results in saving costs.

The invention must be

  • described in substantial details

  • includes picture, flowcharts, diagrams where ever applicable

  • Optionally includes experimental data proving novelty and non obviousness

  • Charts and tables about research and development

This helps patent attorney in patent research as well as drafting process.

Minimize the questions you ask to patent attorney:

well, you bound to get a lot of questions, after all its about your brain child (invention) but make sure you have done some Google search, read some articles, blogs or information sites on your question and if the questions still persists and seems to be very relevant then only proceed with actually asking to patent attorney,

The obvious reason for this is:

Experienced patent attorneys charge anywhere from $200-$50 per hour:

Every piece of communication may be charged like

  • emails

  • phone calls and

  • meetings

Hence it is important to minimize the questions and to and fro communications. It also helps to be prepared and systematic with entire procedure for getting your invention patented. In general most reputable patent attorney will charge between $3000 to $8000 for drafting and filing patent application.

What help you get from patent agent / patent attorney when filing patent for your invention ?

In USA both patent agent and patent attorney / patent lawyer are federally registered to practice before United States Patent and Trademark Office. Both are licensed to represent clients in :

  • preparing

  • filing and

  • Prosecuting patent applications before USPTO.

Patent attorney also helps in providing patentability opinion to the client.

If you are still confused whether you would end up saving few thousands of dollars by writing and filing your patent application on your own (without help of patent attorney) you need to read section on do I really need to hire patent attorney ?

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