I am working on research project, why patents are relevant for me ?

I am working on research project, why patents are relevant for me ?


Working on a research project ? This is what you should know about patents before moving ahead...

In the world of Research and development, there is always a risk of “Re-inventing wheel”.  

Would you waste your R & D budget working on non patentable ideas ?

Many researcher fall in to this category that they have started on R & D without much emphasis on existing patents in the his field of research, and in the later stage when researcher is  willing to secure his invention by means of intellectual property (patents) he came to know the unpleasant fact that the research project he was working on from so many days and months is already patented !!!

All the hard work, time invested in research and development of the invention and plans to commercialize the invention goes waste, as you found out it already has been done long time ago... 

There are ways to ensure this does not happen with your research and development efforts:

The patent Information:
It is the information in patent applications and patents that are granted. Information like, details of inventor, field of invention, the descriptions, claims along with the related development in the field of invention.  Such information in the patent document serves following purposes:

1.       Helps in avoiding duplication of research and development on same project and saves wasted efforts

2.        Builds on existing inventions

3.       Gives idea about latest development in the field of invention

4.       Inventions that are patented are identified and possible infringements could be avoided

5.       existing patented invention of interested can be analyzed and approached for licensing


It is must to do appropriate research "especially for patents" in the field in which you are planing to do research and hoping to get your research protected by patent at later stage.

another commonly asked question by a researcher (inventor) is;

DO I need a prototype or working model ready to be able to win patent at USPTO?

Most of the time this is not required, however if the examiner is of opinion to require the working model of the invention, he will instruct so to the inventor / applicant. But such occurrences are rare.

Most patent applications (more than 99%) proceed without actually requiring the working model or prototype of the invention.